A nun and a priest are playing golf.

The priest is teeing off at the first hole. The ball flies across the fairway towards the green, but lands meters from the hole.

“Oh God dammit, I missed.”

The nun scolds the priest.

“Father, you ought to be careful. You of all people should know that if you continue to blaspheme like that, surely the Lord will strike you down with lightning.”

At the green, again the priest takes his shot, but the ball rolls past the hole, coming to a stop just a few inches away from it.

“Oh God dammit, I missed again.”

Again, the Nun warns him.

“Father, watch your language. Take the Lord’s name in vain again, and surely He will strike you down with lightning.”

The priest takes his putter and puts the ball towards the hole, in what should be in incredibly easy shot. Unfortunately, the ball skims the side of the hole and overshoots, coming to rest just next to it.

“Oh god dammit, how could I miss that!”, exclaims the priest.

Suddenly, there’s a huge thunder crash and bright flash of lightning, and the priest finds himself standing all alone on the golf course.

And then a voice booms from above…

“Oh god dammit, I missed.”