A young school teacher ran into a friend she hadn’t seen since they were teenagers. With eyes aglow, the school teacher said to her friend, “Guess what? Since last we saw one another, I’ve gotten married.”

Her friend said, “That’s good.”
The school teacher said, “But my husband is homely. He’s not very handsome.”
Her friend said, “That’s bad.”
The teacher said, “But he is a millionaire.”
Her friend said, “That’s very good.”
The teacher said, “He is also very stingy.”
Her friend said, “That’s very bad.”
The teacher said, “In his stinginess he did manage to build me a palatial mansion.”
Her friend said, “That’s good.”
“But,” the teacher said, “it burned down.”
Her friend said, “That’s bad.”
The school teacher said, “When it burned down, he was in it.”
Her friend didn’t know what to say.