A policeman, an archer, and a soldier are on an airplane losing altitude.

The pilot yells to these passengers, “We’re carrying too much weight, drop whatever you got!”

The policeman drops his pistol, the archer drops his bow and arrow, and the soldier drops a grenade out of the hatch door.

The plane still crashes, and all three passengers wake up in different locations. In search for help, they each start making their way through the woods they are now lost in.

The policeman stumbles upon a little girl crying over the body of an adult man. He asks the girl, “What happened here!?” to which the little girl replies “I was walking with my daddy and a gun fell out of the sky and hit his head!”

The archer comes across someone crying over a body as well, a young boy. The archer says “Oh my gosh, what happened!?” The boy tells the archer “We were playing hide-and-seek and I found him with an arrow in his head!”

The soldier pushes through the brush, and finds a young boy laughing hysterically, standing in front of a cabin with a giant hole in the wall.

The soldier asks the little boy “Whoah, what did I miss?”

The little boy says between laughing fits “You wouldn’t believe the fart I just ripped”