Three frogs exploring the forest decide to find a place to sleep since it was becoming late. One of the frogs spots a house in the distance so the three head towards it. Once at the house, they find an open window and enter inside finding themselves in the bathroom. Looking for a place to sleep, the first frog jumps in a laundry basket of towels, the second frog jumps into the bathtub and the third frog hops into the toilet.

The next morning the first frog says I slept great in the laundry basket. The towels were comfortable and kept me warm all night. The second frog says the bath tub was hard and cold but he slept fine. The third frog says he had a horrible night in the toilet. First it got really bright then it got dark. All of a sudden there was thunder and rain then a log fell out of the sky and hit him on the head.