There’s a lovely young woman in New Zealand who is getting her house redecorated. She is walking around the house with the builder, telling him what colors she is thinking of painting the walls.

They go firstly into the dining room, and she says that she’d like it painted a nice lilac color. The builder nods, before yelling out the window, “GREEN SIDE UP!”

They then move into the kitchen. The woman says she was thinking of a pale blue for this room. The builder nods, before again yelling out the window, “GREEN SIDE UP!”

They then continue into one of the bedrooms, and the woman says she wanted this one a yellow color. The builder nods once again, then yells out the window, “GREEN SIDE UP!”

The woman then finally turns to him with a puzzled expression, and says “Look, I have to ask. No matter what color I ask for, you yell out the window ‘Green side up’, what’s going on?”

“Oh don’t worry about that” says the builder “I’ve got a couple of Aussies laying turf out front!”