A man gets a flat tire outside the fence of an insane asylum.

While he’s changing the tire he sees a patient on the other side of the fence observing him so he hurries.

He gets the flat off and puts the spare on, but since he was rushing to get out of there, he accidentally drops all 4 lug nuts down a drain.

While he’s standing there staring at the spare with no lugs to secure it, scratching his head, he hears the patient on the other side of the fence say, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!”

He calmly replies, “Yes?”

The patient inquires, “Whatcha doin?”

He explains his predicament and the patient asks, “Why don’t you just take one lug nut off the other 3 wheels and put them on the spare to get you where you’re going?”

The man, surprised, says, “That is a really good idea.

Why they got you locked up in there? You’re really smart.”

The patient replies, “I’m crazy, not stupid.”