A Mini Cooper with dark tinted windows pulls up next to a Rolls Royce at a red light. The Mini driver rolls down his window and asks the Rolls Royce driver, “You got a telephone in that Roller?”

“As a matter of fact I do, right here on the seat beside me,” says the Roller driver.

“Me too,” says the Mini driver. “You got a TV in that Roller?”

The Roller driver replies: “Yes I do, right here on the dash.”

“Me too,” says the Mini driver. “You got a twin bed in the back seat?”

The Roller driver replies: “Er . . . no.”

“I do,” says the Mini driver, just as the light turns green and he shoots off. The Rolls Royce driver makes a note of the registration number then heads straight to the nearest Rolls Royce dealer. “Yes,” the dealership assistant tells him, “we do carry and can install a twin bed in the rear seat of your car.” So, after about a week the Roller driver picks up his car with the newly installed twin bed.

A couple of days later he spots the Mini Cooper in a car park. He gets out of his car, walks over to the Mini and starts rapping on the back window.

No response. He raps on the window again. No response, so he raps some more. The window lowers a couple of inches and the Mini driver says, “Yes?”

“Remember me?” says the Roller driver. “I just wanted you to know that I have a twin bed in the back seat of my Roller now.”

The Mini driver frowns and says: “You get me out of the fucking shower just to tell me that?”