A man is flying on a very expensive airline in first class when the sudden urge to relieve himself overwhelms him.
He runs to the bathroom to find its occupied. He bangs and bangs on the door but no one comes out. The flight attendant notices the man is in distress so she tries to help him. She takes him to a bathroom exclusively for the supermodels who frequently fly on this airline. She lets him use it very quickly but warns him to not, under any circumstance, press any of the 3 buttons next to the toilet.

The man gets into the bathroom and automatically sees the buttons. They’re labeled WW, WA, and ATR.
The man sits down on the toilet and immediately relieves himself. While sitting down he cant help but wonder about the buttons. He pushes the first one slowly, and all of a sudden warm water comes at his butt and washes it thoroughly. He thinks that the supermodels must really have it made.
He then pushes the second button. He hears a slight hissing noise then feels warm air gently drying his butt. Wowee, this is the life. Supermodels sure are lucky thinks the man.
Then he decides what the hell, might as well try the last button.

The next thing the man knows he is lying in the hospital in extreme pain. The flight attendant is leaning over the man telling him to relax.
“What happened?” asks the man.
The flight attendant turns around and picks up a jar filled with water with a carrot or something floating in it. Then says, “I told you not to push that button. ATR stands for Automatic Tampon Remover.”