One day a blond from Cali decides to move take a trip to North Carolina to see her brunette friend. Of course, being a blond, she assumes that NC is like a whole different country.

When she gets there her friend is driving her back to the house. The blond asks “Do those traffic lights mean something different here?” and the brunette, playing a prank on the blond, says

“Yes. When the light it green, all the brunettes go. When the light is yellow, all the red heads go, and when the light is red, all the blonds go.”

The very next day the blond goes to pick up some groceries for her and her friend. The light turns green. A lot of cars go and the blond is thinking, “Well, there sure are a lot of brunettes here.” Then the light turns yellow and a few more cars go. She thinks “Well, there are a fair amount of red heads.” Finally the light turns red and she goes and CRASH!!! She gets into a car accident.

The policeman is talking to her and he is about to give her a ticket for running a red light. He says to her “Miss, why did you run the red light” and she answers “What do you expect, I’m a blond!”